The trainee goes to The Latvian Chamber of Crafts and expresses his wish to learn about the Tinsmith occupation.

The Latvian Chamber of Crafts issues him an application form.

The Latvian Chamber of Crafts introduces the trainee to the rules for the occupation.

When a suitable master is found, the trainee becomes acquainted with the master, his working, and living conditions.

By mutual agreement, the master and the trainee sign a contract, which is written in three copies. The master shall hand over the first copy of the contract to the Latvian Chamber of Crafts within seven days, the second and third copies shall remain with the contracting parties.

The Latvian Chamber of Crafts registers the contract in the register of study contracts, issues an apprenticeship certificate, and appoints a study supervisor who controls the course of studies at the master’s and craft school (if the student is studying theory at an educational institution in parallel with studies at the master’s).

The Latvian Chamber of Crafts (LAC) issues to the trainee:

  • the occupation’s training program;
  • study’s contract form;
  • practice diary;

Duration of the studies – 3 years. If the master considers that the apprentice is not ready for the exam, the training period may be extended.

Beidzot teorētisko un praktisko apmācību, māceklis iesniedz pieteikumu zeļļa pārbaudei. Uzraudzības meistars raksta ziņojumu LAC par atļauju kārtot zeļļa eksāmenu.

At the end of the theoretical and practical training, the trainee submits an application for a Journeymen test. The supervisor master writes a report to the LAC on permission to take the Journeyman exam.

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