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Latvian Tinsmiths Association (LTA) unites all professionals of the tinsmith trade – masters and craftsmen, as well as companies in this area.

The association was founded in a General Assembly on November 19, 1995, and became a member of the Latvian Chamber of Crafts. LTA was formed to support the professional interests of tinsmiths, promote the development of the craft of tin, preserve the traditions of tinsmiths, as well as to ensure a high professional level. The Association has its own coat of arms.

Tinsmiths meating. “Mazā Ģilde”, 1998.

Activities and Functions

The objective of LTA is:

  • to facilitate the production and installation of high-quality tin roofs, drainage systems, various auxiliary elements, and decorative elements of tin,
  • to maintain working standards and culture of tinsmiths on a high level,
  • to eliminate the work of unqualified and dishonest tinsmiths,
  • to facilitate the acquisition of new technologies in the work of tinsmiths,
  • to promote the practice, education, and certification of new tinsmiths.

In order to achieve these goals and for successful operations, as well as perspective development, LTA has set out the main tasks:

  • to educate tinsmiths,
  • to maintain and promote recognition of tinsmiths,
  • to consult customers of tinsmiths regarding tin products,
  • to follow the latest technological achievements of tinsmiths and to facilitate the use of the new technologies in Latvia.

Members of the Tinsmiths Association, their rights, and obligations:

  • Individual and legal entities related to the craft of tinsmiths, which recognize the Bylaws of the Association, may become members of LTA.
  • LTA members are entitled to elect and be elected into management, to regularly and timely receive information regarding activities of the tinsmiths association, and to propose new ideas and projects for the development of the association.
  • Obligations of LTA members – to honor Latvian Tinsmiths Association with their work, to pay the membership fee in the due amount and on due time, to participate in events, meetings, and activities organized by LTA, to promote the development of the Tinsmiths Association in the state.
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